Instrument Care

Violins are delicate instruments, so it is important to look after them. Here are some points to help you care for your Violin.

* When you finish playing, wipe the rosin off your Violin with a cloth. This will prevent a sticky build up that can damage the varnish. Be very careful not to bump the bridge when you are cleaning.

* Please don't use harsh chemicals to clean your Violin or bow. You can buy special varnish cleaner if needed. Don't put ANYTHING (other than rosin) on the bow hair!

* Don't touch the bow hair with your fingers. Even a tiny bit of grease or dirt can interfere with the sound.

* Keep your Violin in a safe place when it is not being used.

* Try to keep your Violin at a fairly even temperature. Don't store it near the heater and NEVER leave your Violin in a hot car.

* Keep your violin dry. Don't store it in a damp spot.

* Do not over-tighten the bow.

* ALWAYS unwind your bow when you have finished playing.

* Tuning is tricky. Beginner players should let the teacher tune their Violin. If your Violin goes badly out of tune at home and you don't know how to tune, please contact me.

* Take your shoulder rest off your Violin before putting it in its case.

* Your Violin is not a toy so please don't let your friends play with it.

* Strings do wear out and may break. You can purchase replacement strings from our local violin makers here in Blackheath. Visit their website via my links page. I am happy to put new strings on for students.

* Be careful with the bridge on your Violin. The bridge is not stuck onto the body of the Violin. It stays upright due to the tension of the strings. Be careful not to bump the bridge and don't rest the Violin upside down in its case or on a chair when you are putting on your shoulder rest. This could put undue pressure on the bridge and cause it to fall over. If you notice that your bridge is crooked or warped please let me know. A collapsed bridge can damage your violin!

* Any repairs should be carried out by a professional. See the links page.