Student Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Marion Walker's Music Students

Important: Students and parents are asked to familiarise themselves with these points so that all music lessons run as smoothly as possible.

1. Lesson times are set as permanent appointments, so please try to avoid booking other activities at this time. Also, if you arrive late for your lesson, the time you have missed usually cannot be made up, as I have many students scheduled after you, who expect their lesson to be running on time.

2. Lessons are given during 4 terms. Please check the dates on your term letter, as these are not always indentical to the school terms. NB: Violin lessons which fall on public holidays will be rescheduled. Please also note that pupil free school days and private school longer holidays do not apply to music lessons, ie: your music lesson will still take place.

3. At least five week notice is required if discontinuing. If notice is not given, 5 weeks lessons will be charged for. Please not that refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances. NB: Five weeks notice is the standard recommendation, as per the Music Teachers Association of NSW guidelines.

4. Please try to reduce the spread of contagious illnesses by keeping sick children at home. Also, please ensure that you inform me of any serious health issues (allergies, asthma etc) that may need attention during music lessons.

5. Where ample notice is given (at least two hours) I will try to offer a Make-Up violin lesson for lessons missed by students due to illness or school acitivies. Lessons missed due to family holidays or other recreational activities are unfortunately forfeited by the student in most instances.

6. If a Make-Up lesson is arranged and is missed/forgotten by the student/parent, another time cannot be arranged.

7. Early Childhood Music Classes missed by the student cannot be made up or refunded, as the class will proceed regardless of absent students. The term fee paid, reserves each student's place for the duration of the term.

8. All lessons missed by the teacher will be made up or credited. In the case of Early Childhood Music Classes, the class will be made up by adding extra time onto subsequent lessons until the time missed is made up. Violin lessons missed by the teacher will be scheduled at an alternative time.

9. Payment of fees is required at the first lesson of the term. Please be careful about giving young children responsibility for passing on payment to me, as cash and cheques can be forgotten about or go astray. Also, please talk to me if you are having difficulty with payment, so other payment options can be arranged.

10. No responsibility can be taken for students outside of lesson time. Please ensure that your child is safe by supervising them outside of lessons and delivering and picking them up on time.

11. It is important that I have an up to date phone number and address so that I can contact you easily. Please make sure your details are up to date. All such information will be kept confidential.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Marion Walker